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2023 Tax Reference Sheet


Use this reference sheet for quick access to tax-related data points that may impact you over the 2023 tax year. Included you will find information on Long-term Capital Gains and Qualified Dividend Rates (taxable income thresholds), Gift and Estate Tax, and more!

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Life Insurance Solves Problems Cover

Life Insurance Solves

These 15 Common Problems


In complex estate and business planning, there are many difficult situations that may arise. Life insurance can often be an integral part of the solution with the properly designed contract. Here are 15 common situations that can be made better with best-in-class wealth transfer strategies and designs.

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Cleaning Up Prior Estate Planning Cover

Cleaning Up

Prior Estate Planning

eBook | 20 MINUTE READ

Clients should use the changes in gift, estate and GST tax laws as an opportunity to review and update their current estate plans. In reviewing their current estate plans, clients are likely to find opportunities to take advantage of the transfer tax laws.

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Transferring Values Through Transferring Wealth Cover

Transferring Values

Through Transferring Wealth

eBook | 20 MINUTE READ

An increasing part of our practice is working through the softer side of estate planning, an area we call Family Governance - the intentional process of bringing the next generation in on the family wealth discussions. In this guide we discuss 7 provisions to consider building into an estate planning vehicle.

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Why TDC Life

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Business Continuation, Key Person Protection and Retirement Planning Cover (Buy Sell)

How to Use a Buy Sell Agreement to

Offer Certainty in Uncertain Times

eBook | 25 MINUTE READ

A buy-sell agreement is a legal document obligating one party to buy and another to sell the interests of a business upon the occurrence of certain triggering events. Here are the benefits of a properly drafted buy-sell agreement funded with a well-structured life insurance program when it comes to 3 of life's big challenges.

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What Sets Us Apart Cover

About TDC Life

What Sets Us Apart

White paper | 3 MINUTE READ

In complex estate and business planning there are many difficult problems to solve. Life insurance, for example, can often be an integral part of the solution. Download this white paper to learn more about who TDC Life is, how we serve our clients, and why advisors choose to partner with us.

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The Underfunding/Overfunding Problem:
The Answer Lies in These Three Considerations

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